Audrey & Christian | Anniversary Session

This sweet couple actually met in middle school, and started dating in 7th grade! There were many love notes swapped which Christian actually saved…how sweet is that?!? (and I may or may not have read them….OMG so adorable) Like most middle school romances it did not last, but they remained great friends even after Audrey moved to a different city a couple years later.

I actually met Audrey in college where we were roommates; we hit it off right away and have been best friends ever since! For years I heard about this boy named Christian that was one of her best friends, and I always wondered if there was something more.

Sure enough right before Audrey graduated they rekindled that romance and I met Christian for the first time at her graduation. I was so excited to finally meet the guy I had heard about for the last four years, and you could tell right away that this was different.

Now 7 years and 2 kids later this sweet couple is celebrating their 5 year anniversary!!!! I could not be more happy for you two!

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