Carley | Senior Session

I had been looking forward to this session for months! Got to see this sweet girl for the first time in years and got to see Palo Duro for the first time! Cannot believe it took me so long to go see it! All I can say is AMAZING! ¬†When you live in Midland some times it’s easy to forget how beautiful Texas really is! I cannot wait to go back for hikes and more beautiful photo shoots! Hope y’all enjoy the photos of this beautiful girl!!

Carley-5 Carley-6 Carley-7 Carley-9 Carley-12 Carley-13 Carley-15 Carley-17 Carley-20 Carley-21 Carley-23 Carley-24 Carley-28 Carley-29 Carley-30 Carley-31 Carley-32 Carley-35 Carley-37 Carley-38 Carley-40 Carley-42 Carley-43


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